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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ideas are Brewing!

Wow!  It has been way to long since I have even looked at my blog ~ nevermind written a post!  So let's see, I obviously need to post a new birthday party idea soon and since my daughter is turing 4 next week I will be featuring her birthday party ~ Party Like a Princess!!!  She is a Cinderella girl through and through ~ if she could get away with wearing her cinderella dress to school she would wear it every day ~ along with some funky striped leggings, pink cowbow boots, and her favorite striped sweater of course!  Since she is only turning 4 this party will still be mostly of the family type ~ we are not ready for a kids party yet in our house!  I will share lots of princess party ideas (focusing on Cinderella) many of which I will use ~ and I will let you share in the process as I make my first princess dress cake ~ I am so excited, I can't wait!!!

The Birthday Girl

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