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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Braving The Elements

Check out my newest treasury featuring amazing items from my friends at ETSY,this treasury is all about earth, wind, water, and fire.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Custom Mini Pixie Dust

Pint size pixie dust necklaces are absolutely adorable, pick two colors of ribbon and I will do the rest. Each necklace is adorned with a coordinating Swarovski crystal accent and flower. 
Red, Hot Pink, Pale Pink, Lavender, Purple, Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Aqua, Emerald, Lime, Yellow, Orange, White, Cream, Brown, Black

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pirate Party Favors

Here is a perfect way to mix and match party favors for boy's and girls, for the girls we have glass bottles filled with dark aqua mermaid bubbles and a tiny rolled up "treasure map" complete with aged edges.  The necklaces are made with two shades of blue ribbons and adorned with Swarovski crystals and an aqua bead.  For the boys I take the same bottle filled with bubbles and a tiny map and add a pirate ship charm.  The boys bottles include a muslin pouch.  All favors are delivered in small organza pouches, and can be created in a variety of colors, just ask!

Camping in Style

Friday, March 18, 2011

Donald Takes the Cake!

or in this case, Donald is the cake!

just the begining!

Donald finished!

My oldest daughter (she's 3) helped me make some paper chain decorations, which I used to dress up door frames and the staircase in our foyer.  These are a super easy alternative to streamers, which we also used to decorate and add another layer of texture to decorations as well as are a great project for me to tackle with my daughter.  She loved making them so much that we made an extra one (in pink of course) to decorate her bedroom!  I purchased the paper to match out theme at Michaels Arts and Crafts, and it was on sale 2/$1.00, so for about $4.50 I made two blue and yellow chains and one pink one.  For these chains I used my paper cutter to cut 1 inch strips and used tape to attach them, this was also a great pattern exercise for my daughter since she picked each strip in order to add to the chain and keep the pattern consistent.

Along with our cake I also made double fudge cupcakes and topped them with Wilton's Extra Special Buttercream Frosting (  The frosting was delicious, but before you make this ahead please note that it must stay refridgerated until just before serving.  

Here are some cute cupcake toppers on microsoft word.
The finished product!
Our inspiration!

Party Preparations Are Under Way!

Tomorrow is my youngest daughter's 2nd bithday and the preparations have begun!  For her party it is all about Donald Duck!  I purchased a vintage Donald Duck wilton cake pan online and just popped her Funfetti cake in the oven, as soon as it is finished I will be putting in a batch of double fudge chocolate cupcakes -yummy!  As the preparations go I will add in some  new posts and pictures, my day however, will be interupted by her 2 year checkup, bringing my father-in-law to physical therapy, and hitting the grocery store at some point to figure out what are guests will eat, we were going to grill out but the weather is not going to cooperate so on to plan b - not that there is one!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

These Easter Themed pixie dust necklaces are perfect to add to an Easter basket, Easter egg hunts, or for and Easter party favors.  They can be made in colors to match your easter best and each one comes packaged in it's very own easter egg!
Easter Bunny Pixie Dust Necklace, Fairy Dust, Easter Party Favors, Easter Egg Stuffer, Easter Basket
Easter Bunny Pixie Dust Necklace, Fairy Dust, Easter Party Favors, Easter Egg Stuffer, Easter Basket
Easter Bunny Pixie Dust Necklace, Fairy Dust, Easter Party Favors, Easter Egg Stuffer, Easter Basket
Easter Bunny Pixie Dust Necklace, Fairy Dust, Easter Party Favors, Easter Egg Stuffer, Easter Basket

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tinkerbell has arrived!

I created this adorable pixie dust necklace as an ode to the one and only Tinkerbell.  Lime green dotted and pale pink ribbons end in a bottle filled with layers of pink,white, and lime pixie dust.  The cork is glued onto this bottle to keep the layers looking perfect!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Message in a Bottle/ Tiny Maps

New to my shop are these adorable (if I do say so myself!) teeny tiny "maps" or "messages" in a bottle.  They look adorably realistic with their aged/burned edges all rolled up and placed in bottles with my mermaid bubbles.  I will be adding these to my shop on etsy and will be accepting custom orders as well - these are fantastic party favors for girls and boys alike.  For the boys favors I simply take off the ribbons add a cute charm and I pop the bottles into an fantastic muslin pouch, pictures to come soon!
Message in a Bottle,Pirate, Mermaid Pearls/Bubbles, Pixie Dust Necklaces, Map
Message in a Bottle,Pirate, Mermaid Pearls/Bubbles, Pixie Dust Necklaces, MapMessage in a Bottle,Pirate, Mermaid Pearls/Bubbles, Pixie Dust Necklaces, Map

Monday, March 7, 2011

Perfectly Pirate Party

Pirate parties are the perfect theme to please both boys and girls.  Here are a few fabulous finds on ETSY to help get you started!  

Pirate Party Invitations
The perfect Invitations!

24 Mini Ribbon Flag Cupcake Toppers in Black and Red Swiss Dots (ready to ship)
Cute for Cupcakes

Pirate Cake Pops
Pirate Cake Pops - are these for the kiddies or adults? 

Skull Crossbones Little Boy Toddler Baby Necktie RED
For yer little Pirates!

Red Black White Custom Pirate Pixie Tutu - Sewn 14.5'' pixie tutu - Features Skull and Crossbones Adorned Rose Clip - Perfect for Birthday Parties, Halloween Costumes, and Dress Up Fun
Pirate Princesses Rejoice!!!

Aqua Blue Mermaid Pearls/Bubbles,Mini Pixie Dust Necklaces
Pirate Pixie Dust
This pixie dust can be customized for you little pirates party colors.

PIRATES Crayon Roll Up
Party Favors!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Perfect Party Dress

Looking for the perfect dress for your little princess?  Whether it be for a birthday parts, wedding, baptism, or easter look no further than the gorgeous dresses created by Jeannine of KinderKouture.  ( 
Bright colors, bold patterns, and twirly skirts don't get any better than this!

NEW SPRING 2011 "Rosy" Dress - Sizes 6/12mos - 5The Bella Dress - Size 2-6 - New Spring 2010
This one is mine!
Baby Boy Overall - Sizes 6mos-24mos - Lovely Easter colors available.
Don't Forget your boys!

Please visit KinderKouture's shop on etsy to see her latest creations!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Lady Ladybugs Party

It's time to plan those spring/early summer birthday parties for the princesses in your live.  Here is a collection of fantastic party items all perfect for a "Little Lady Ladybugs" themed party.  From a ladybug banner to wish happy birthday to your guest of honor to a fantastic custom tutu for her and adorable red tutus for her party guests.  Your little ladies are guaranteed to have a blast!  All of the items I have featured in this party idea are handmade creations from etsy.  Simply click on the links below the pictures to be directed to their shops!

Ladybug Necklaces

Personalized Birthday Baby/Toddler Shirt with Appliqued Number or Initial, AND Hot Pink Lady Bug Tutu, Custom Made

Little Lola LadyBug Tutu, Infant Size up to 2 years, Photo Props, Birthday Party Portraits and Dress Up
Perfect for guests!

Ladybug Birthday Banner
An adorable birthday banner sets the mood!

Black and Red Ladybug Printable DIY Cupcake Toppers, Personalized Party Circles, Favor Tags
Adorable DIY Cupcake Toppers 

Lady bug leaf place card holder

The cutest place-card holder I have ever seen!

So, it has been several months since I posted this Ladybug party theme, but I just came across the most adorable invitations perfect for this theme and have to share them! 
Visit TracyAnnPrintables' shop!