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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Days Ahead

The weatherman warned us all Sunday night that we were in for 7 days of rain ~ yuck!  Nevermind the trays of veggies and flowers that are sitting in my dining room waiting to be planted.  It also means that me and my 2 & 3 year old girls are stuck inside ~ booooo!
Today (day 2 of the rain) the girls put on princess dresses as soon as their toes hit the floor when they work up.  The trickiest part about rainy days is keeping the tv off as much as possible. Yesterday we had a tea party, painted pictures, played hide and seek, memory, and some other games, had a signing competition, and so on.  Today was all about princesses, puzzles, and play-doh.  What on earth are we going to do tomorrow???

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