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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Supercute Easy Ideas Number One!

Well I for one love to recycle jam/jelly jars, mason jars, basically if it was once in the fridge and made of glass I save it and use it!  I usually clean my glass jars in the dishwasher and remove the labels and I have an entire cabinet set aside to store them.  I use them for organizing my beads/supplies, hand mixing and dying glitters for my pixie dust necklaces, my daughters love to grab a jar and fill it with water and stuff them full of wildflowers, and now today I was looking for a candle holder and found myself digging through my jar cabinet and pulling out one of my favorite jam jars.  I was going to put a tealight inside but the botton of the jar has a slight "bubble" to it.  I was sitting at my desk looking for a votive holder and then I saw my bag of beach sand (usually reserved for my pirate's treasure bottles!) and filled my jar up about 1/3 and then pushed my tealight into it.  Voila!!!  I pulled a seashell out of a jar on my endless bookshelves and now my tabletop is complete!

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