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Friday, March 18, 2011

Donald Takes the Cake!

or in this case, Donald is the cake!

just the begining!

Donald finished!

My oldest daughter (she's 3) helped me make some paper chain decorations, which I used to dress up door frames and the staircase in our foyer.  These are a super easy alternative to streamers, which we also used to decorate and add another layer of texture to decorations as well as are a great project for me to tackle with my daughter.  She loved making them so much that we made an extra one (in pink of course) to decorate her bedroom!  I purchased the paper to match out theme at Michaels Arts and Crafts, and it was on sale 2/$1.00, so for about $4.50 I made two blue and yellow chains and one pink one.  For these chains I used my paper cutter to cut 1 inch strips and used tape to attach them, this was also a great pattern exercise for my daughter since she picked each strip in order to add to the chain and keep the pattern consistent.

Along with our cake I also made double fudge cupcakes and topped them with Wilton's Extra Special Buttercream Frosting (  The frosting was delicious, but before you make this ahead please note that it must stay refridgerated until just before serving.  

Here are some cute cupcake toppers on microsoft word.
The finished product!
Our inspiration!

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